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You will get all these when you signed up:
cPanel Control Panel
We provide you with the industry's best hosting control panel, cPanel.
Try it out!
Our servers run the web's most popular programming language, PHP, with SAFE_MODE off and php mail() enabled.
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Fantastico Deluxe
You can install more than 50 popular web scripts, of various kinds, in just seconds with the help of Fantastico.
We provide you with MySQL database platform that allows you to run most web scripts available.
Install and upgrade your forum, blog, CMS, and other script installations with just few clicks.
Although you may not need it right now, we have PostgreSQL installed on all our servers - just in case you need it.
Managing your hosting account via cPanel can't be any easier with the help of RvSkin. RvSkin provides you with a better look and more functions than cPanel's default look.
.htaccess and mod_rewrite Support
We use Apache web server on all our servers which fully supports .htaccess and mod_rewrite along with other features you may need to run your script properly.
RvSiteBuilder Pro
Don't know any programming language? Don't worry. RvSiteBuilder will help you make your own site, fully customizable, with no programming skill required at all.
Custom Error Pages
You can fully customize your site's error pages through our hosting control panel, cPanel.
Ruby on Rails
Need to create a powerful web application? Ruby on Rails is here to help you.
What is this?
FTP Access
You can upload and make changes to your files through FTP.
Email Accounts
Web hosting is never complete without email hosting. We provide you with everything you need to use your email address: POP access, SMTP acess, Webmail, and many more.
Google Apps Support
Want to take the advantage of using Google's services with your domain? No problem! You can do that easily from cPanel - the hosting control panel.
Dedicated IP Address
Use your own SSL certificate on your site with a dedicated IP address. (Optional)
MX Entry and DNS Editor
You no longer need to wait for us to edit your DNS records whnever you need them changed. You can now do it by yourself through cPanel.
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